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VitiSeal's mission is to create sustainable, grower-and earth-friendly products that protect the health of the plant without endangering the land.  Our initial product is Safecoat VitiSeal, a pruning wound sealant containing natural plant oils which creates an elastomeric barrier blocking pathogens such as eutypa lata and Botryosphaeria canker from entering the wood tissue causing dieback infection in grapevines, stone fruit and walnut trees.

VitiSealTM RTU (ready to use)
ITEM NO. 18148


VitiSealTM Ready To Use solution can be safely painted on cut spurs or wounds at an application volume of approximately 1/2 gallon per acre. Keep product agitated and in solution while using.  Under normal temperatures and conditions, the applied solution will dry within 1-2 hours and form a barrier to promote wood and vine wound healing. Typical coverage is two (2) acres per gallon of solution (standard application is to paint, daub, brush or spray the solution onto cut spur positions - multiple application methods are feasible).

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VitiSealTM Concentrate
ITEM NO. 18118


VitiSealTM is highly concentrated.  For brush, painted or hand application, thoroughly mix 1 part  VitiSeal™ concentrate with 9 parts water until the paste concentrate is completely diluted into a Ready To Use solution.  One gallon concentrate is diluted with nine (9) gallons of water to make ten (10) gallons of Ready to Use in-the-field solution.

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Safecoat VitiSeal™ is the ONLY Biological and Natural approach rated 4 stars - excellent and consistent" - in efficacy against Eutypa in UC Davis' recent "The Conventional Approach to Disease Control - Fungicides, Bactericides and Biologicals for Deciduous Tree Fruit, Nut, Strawberry and Vine Crops 2012.

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